UFS SMS rs. A Text-Based, Offline Bulk SMS Service (http://ufs.pw/)
  SMSing on the Go... (Customer Care Number:: Call +234809O749257) or (Remote Service Number :: +2349O2-333-4446 SMS ONLY )
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Faster and readily accessible
  More innovative functions
  More intelligent
  Smarter >>
  Instant delivery
  Highly reliable service
@ very convenient pricings.

We tailored this solution for YOU.

The first-ever 100% offline Bulk SMS Service with inbuilt intelligence that provide instant answers to text based enquiries. It also features text commands for managing saved contacts on the go...

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Account can also be created offline as described below:

In the compose message menu of your phone,type the edited version of the sample format below and send to Remote Service gsm number (Edit only the red bolded texts)

*A12 * Specify-Surname * Specify-FirstName * Specify-City * Specify-GSM Number (+234...) * Specify-Email Address * Specify-desired Password

eg compose

* Umeoguaju
* Francis
* awka
* 2348O678I7864
* uuu@email.com
* SecretPassword

To receive this sample format on your phone, type CREATEACC and

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