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Payment Information

We recieve payment by bank deposit, direct bank transfer, or online payment by debit or credit cards.

For deposits and transfers, make payment with the following account information.

Zenith Bank
Acc Name
: Ufumes Computational and Online Resources

Acc No: 101 292 88 27

Access Bank
Acc Name
: Umeoguaju Francis

Acc No: 005 609 71 71

Preferably, use your registered email address as the depositor name while making payment.

In order to credit your account immediately, send your email address and the amount you paid to
0809 0749 257 after making payment


SMS Pricing
400 - 4999 units N2.5 per unit
5000-50000 units N2.3 per unit
Above 50000units N2.0 per unit

NB: 1 unit is required to send 1paged SMS to a mobile network in Nigeria

Minimum order is N1000 worth of units, ie 400 units.


Pricing for AutoInfo Keywords (Long code) service & AnyAdd contact service

The service allows a user to associate a readily updatable information to a keyword. Anyone that texts the keyword to the service number gets an automated response containing the information associated with the keyword. You can also receive feedbacks from anyone who texts the keyword and feedback information to the service number.

  Autoinfo Keyword Units AnyAdd Contact Units Bonus SMS Units * PRICE Validity
Starter 1 1 2 FREE -
Basic 5 5 400 5000 1 year
Moderate 20 20 1000 N10,000 1 year
Professional 50 50 2000 N20,000 1 year
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2000 N50,000 1 year

* You can purchase as much sms units as you wish. See "SMS Pricing" above for details

Special Package

  Fee (first year) Subsequent yearly renewals
Unlimited Autoinfo Keywords and AnyAdd on service number N50,000 N50,000
Unlimited Autoinfo Keywords and AnyAdd on dedicated number (service hosted) N70,000 N70,000

Unlimited Autoinfo Keywords and AnyAdd (directly on the client's android phone)

N40,000 N20,000

**Pls note that:
All replies to autoinfo keyword service would be charged from user's account, as such users should always maintain sufficient SMS units to avoid distruption of auto responder service

In cases where the Notify Subscriber feature is activated on the AnyAdd contact, the subscriber's notification will be charged from the users account

Pricing for Remote service rentage.

You can use all the features of our remote service and still buy SMS units from your favorite SMS service provider.

NB that if you intend to use the anyadd or autoinfo feature of our remote service, the appropriate prices still applies regardless of your sms source.

  Autoinfo Keyword Units AnyAdd Units Yearly rentage fee
UFS Remote Service rental 1 1 N5,000

Offline Text commands for obtaining payment information and pricing

For Payment Information, >> send PAYMENTINFO to service number

For pricing information, >> send PRICING to service number

You may also send a descriptive question to the service number eg

how do i pay for sms unit
What is the cost of sms unit
what is your sms prices etc

Other related functions

Checking Available Balance
Send BALANCE to service number

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