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Keyword-Based Auto responder Information Service.

The Keyword based information service allows our user to associate a readily updatable information to a keyword. When anyone texts that keyword to our service number, the person gets an automated response containing the information associated with the keyword.

Users of this service can readily update the information associated with any of the defined keyword by texting the keyword as well as the new associated information to our service number.

Below are some instances where the service can be relevant.

Church members may get the schedule of church activities by texting a keyword to our service number (maybe weekly or monthly church activities, presiding pastors, features etc)

Schools may associate keywords with school calenders (opening day, visiting day, interhouse spot day etc) or another keyword with latest news, etc Parents may text any of the keyword to our service line to get the information associated with the keyword

In Hotels, client may request for current cost of booking accomodation , also if there are still available rooms, special offers etc

It is important in organizations and bodies for communicating latest information, press release statements etc

It is also important for frequently asked questions.

and may other instances.

To enjoy this service, create an account, then make payment for the service. Details of the cost of the service can be accessed here.


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