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This page allows you to send bulk sms to saved contacts or SMSgroups or recipients's number.


MTN Recently introduced the Do Not Disturb (DND List). And they seems to automatically place some of their Subscribers to the list. Anyone that is on the DND list would not be receiving bulk SMS. You can inform your contact groups on MTN network to check their DND status by texting STATUS to 2442.

If they happen to be on the list, they can unsuscribe by texting ALLOW to 2442

Send Bulk SMS


(Separate mutiple recepient number by comma or New Line)
Text Message
Sender Name
Your Registered GSM PCode (Get Pcode?)

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(NB: Sending fraudulent SMS will get your account deleted without any refunds.)


For Fast-Send SMS, >> First create a CONTACT GROUP. Then in your mobile phone, type the CONTACT name, then space then the message, and send to remote service number. eg

myclassmates pls lets meet by 10am to discuss an important issue

myclassmates is the name of an existing CONTACT GROUP. The underlined text is the text message to be broadcast to the recipients defined in the CONTACT Group.

For Normal SMS, use the sample format below, edit and send to remote service number.

*A10 * Specify-PCODE * Specify-SenderID * Specify-Message * Specify-Recipient or Saved Contact Name

Replace the red part of the sample format with the correct values as in the example below.

* Class Group
* pls lets meet by 10am to discuss an important issue

To request for sample format, text SENDSMS to Service Number. you can also text your desired objective to service line eg,

how to send text message
sample format for sending sms

Other related functions

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